Invo Projects

Get a quick overview of documents, assignments and participants in a project. Save and share information in just a few clicks.

In a project, it can be all too easy to quickly lose control of workflow, activities, assignments, files, emails and other key information that is sent back and forth.

  • Where does your project ‘live’?
  • Are you using out of date templates?
  • What kind of information is accessible to whom within the project – both internally and externally?
  • Who receives which emails?
  • Does everyone in the project know about all activities?
  • Is it clear which assignments you have, and when they need to be completed within the Project?
  • Is everyone working towards the same common goal?

With Invo Project, you are able to create and administer transparent and full value project sites in SharePoint.

Project participants in a project have access to documents, files, assignments and a shared calendar, and can easily interact with other participants in the Project.

A simple and intuitive project site, which is integrated with Office and other software used by employees, provides immediate gains. Project participants are able to simply and more efficiently interact with each other, gain an oversight and push towards the same outcome.

What you get:

  • Create your own project sites in just a few CLICKs
  • Select pre-defined project templates
  • Simple storage and retrieval of documents
  • Project calendar (integrated with Outlook)
  • Gantt chart
  • Assignment lists
  • Social interaction
  • Access and rights management

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