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Employees in your company store information, emails and files in all sorts of places - whether that is locally, on the file server or in the cloud. With Invo Move you no longer lose control.

Saving documents and information in different places - in folders, on a hard drive, in Dropbox and on the old file server - is both inefficient and cumbersome.
Furthermore, it represents a threat to your company’s IT Security.

  • How are documents and files currently stored?
  • Who has access to what information?
  • What happens when an employee leaves their job?
  • Is all the information searchable and retrievable?

We have solutions that ensure all information in the company - files, emails and documents - is stored in the right place.

Employees usually work in Word, Excel, Outlook and other programs. Instead of storing data in their own areas, they use Invo Move to save it directly to SharePoint. This means the files are saved in the right place and with the right information, which makes them searchable and retrievable.

When your employees are able to easily save files, emails and documents in the right place - and then find them again later - your employees will become more efficient and your business will save money.

The solution is based on well-known Microsoft technology.

What you get:

  • Save files directly from Word, Excel and PowerPoint - and all other programs
  • Easily create new storage areas (projects, company areas, folders, Clients)
  • Supports all file formats
  • Search and navigate directly in SharePoint from Outlook
  • Create your own favourites in Outlook for quick saving
  • Drag ‘n’ drop
  • Metadata handling
  • Full support for Office 365

Invo Move Outlook Client

Price: 49 NOK per user per month

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