Invo Intranet

Intranet doesn’t have to be complicated. You can start using our solution almost straight away - and it comes with all the important features that employees need.

Many businesses spend big bucks on the design and development of costly intranets which are then neither updated nor meet the information requirements of employees. Customised intranets like this are expensive, and can also be difficult to maintain and update.

The majority of intranets have a set of standard features that recur: it should be easy to find employees, easy to see assignment lists, documents, gain an overview of projects, read news and access support systems.

With Invo Intranet you receive a standardised intranet that provides your employees with access to all this:

  • Employee profiles
  • News
  • Documents
  • Projects
  • Assignments
  • Support systems

Additionally, you receive social features (social feed) with comments, hashtags, likes, and you can follow and favourite people and documents.

When employees can find information easily and can carry out key tasks on the intranet, it saves the company money and it saves employees time.

Social interaction and sharing also provide major gains for your business. According to McKinsey, companies that use social interaction can see boosts in productivity of 20-25%.

What you get:

  • A user friendly and modern intranet
  • Overview of assignments, documents and Projects
  • See your latest news - and the company’s latest News
  • Easy to create News
  • Links to business-critical support systems
  • Social interaction
  • Access and rights management

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