Invo Case Management

Provide your case managers with access to all critical information and documentation in one window. This will make case management quicker, simpler and more efficient.

For case managers, case management is often a massive IT headache. Different systems, windows and dialogue cluttering up the screen - which makes case management time consuming. Fortunately, there is a smarter way to work.

With Invo Case Management you get a dynamic and efficient case management system based in SharePoint.
Case managers are provided with a rapid oversight of cases via an intuitive interface that is updated dynamically. This makes it possible to perform several tasks simultaneously. In short: The number of clicks is significantly reduced - case management becomes more efficient.

Invo Case Management also handles access and rights very smoothly. Case managers can easily limit access to information and select cases, or delegate cases to others in the organisation.

With a dedicated case management system in SharePoint, the company no longer has to invest in expensive third party solutions. When case management also becomes more efficient, the maths is simple: the company saves not only on its IT costs, but also on expenses related to case management.

What you get:

  • Case management via a single platform - in SharePoint
  • Dynamic views and autosave
  • Full overview of status reports
  • Integrated with Outlook
  • Invo Move

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