About us


Invo is Norway’s leading centre of expertise on SharePoint. The company consists of 20 people spread across its offices in Ålesund and Oslo. Invo supplies fully developed software and applications for Microsoft SharePoint. We also provide consultancy support and advice. Since 2004, we have been delivering innovative software solutions to businesses across Norway and beyond.

How we ensure you get the best solution

Invo is proud to have a highly diverse client portfolio that provides great synergies when developing Invo’s software. At Invo, we have a culture of learning and a system for sharing knowledge, and we want to use this knowledge to support our clients even better. Invo works closely with its clients to seek input on improvements and ideas for new features and modules to ensure that Invo Solution remains a future-oriented solution.

We help you to get started

We succeed only when the client succeeds with our solutions. The key to success is to involve employees to ensure a smooth and rapid adoption. Although the software is easy to implement, training is essential and should always take place shortly after installation. In addition to this, Invo has its own Aftersales Manager who follows your client journey and will provide support to you in a variety of circumstances, whether just generally, through providing further courses or expanding the client relationship.

Customised when needed

Invo Solution is currently used by more than 200 clients with employee head counts ranging from 2 to over 60,000. Several of our clients often want to take the solution further to increase productivity. In these cases, Invo can provide the necessary support in consultation with the client through customising the solution when needed. 57 per cent of our clients use a standard solution without any adaptations or further development.


If you require support, visit our support pages for further information and our video clips.


For more information about the courses we offer, you can visit our course pages.